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CityMove (ALPR) & CitySound

Improve your law enforcement system or automate your parking solution with the DOO’s ALPR

This cost–euective technohogy captures any hicense phate modehs of diuerent formats and countries, night and day.

Our innovative camera includes both vision and analytics within the edge device, storing historical records even when you are not connected, data captured can also be transmitted immediately using radio technohogy or IoT Hub. The license plates detected can be compared to a pre–defined database so you can take the appropriate action. Recognition of partial plates is also possible using a wildcard match. Designed for fixed and mobile installations, DimOnOff²s ALPR can be used by a variety of applications using, among other things, the secure DimOnOff²S API.

  • Parking Lot; Monitor the time spent by a vehicle in a specific space , send automatic billing
  • Security; Allow/forbid vehicles to enter, Identify car owner
  • Find stolen vehicle; Send an instant alert.
  • Private location: Construction site, gated community, building, event sites, Open a gate, etc.
  • Amber alert;

Lowest acquisition and operating cost on the market

Accuracy 100%
Vehicle Maximum Speed +100 km/h
Multi Plate Recognition Yes
Number of line recognition 2
Portable solution Yes
IP66 Yes
Camera Dimension 15.9 x5.7 x 4.3 inch
Operation Temperature -40 to 85 C
Certificates X509 Yes
Communications Radio- IoT Hub
Night Vision Yes
Wildcard Search Yes

A complete and reliable sound recognition solution to enhance the security of your community

DimOnOff’s CitySound is a unique smart city solution that listens to the ambient environment to collect, analyze and identify various sounds in a city. Sensors can be placed strategically in a given area and automatically detect an incident when it occurs. Easily integrable with your existing smart city system, or in SCMS, this cost-effective solution will help reduce law enforcement incident response time and optimize their interventions

Typical applications

  • Glass breaking : Protect your commercial streets or your public buildings from thieves and
  • Gunshots : Identify the category of the gun, whether it’s a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun or a machine gun, even the precise gun type in many cases, as well as the number of shots fired and their
  • Car crash : Identify a car crash when and where it happens, and improve response time and traffic

Other purpose : CitySound is a cost-effective and scalable solution that can be customized to detect specific noises according to your needs, such as noise coming from construction sites or music operating outside permitted hours

Target markets

  • Law enforcement
  • Campuses and public buildings
  • K to 12,
  • Street and public areas
  • Residential zones


  • Lowest acquisition and operation cost on the market by far, when compared to other
  • Most reliable system on the market, not prone to human errors
  • No call center needed or remote staff on standby
  • Instant notification sent to authority
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Integration with video surveillance & intercom
  • Time required to acquire, analyze and recognize: 5 seconds on average



For further information about DimOnOff's Products and Smart City Management System Contact Us


For further information about DimOnOff’s Products and Smart City Management System Contact Us

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DimOnOff Inc.

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