The security of on premise data & the advantages of cloud- HYBRID

The Solution for Telecom Industry

  • Lower backhaul costs
  • Lower latency of network
  • Add/Optimize content management services for
    clients with our Compute at Edge Solution. Make your
    cell sites intelligent

The Solution for Companies

  • Security of your own private network with
    cloud service advantages
  • Faster response from previous cloud reliant
  • Manage AWS, Google Cloud and Azure from
    a single place

Designed as complete plug and play solution for use by carriers who want last mile computing and companies wanting on premise computing with the advantages of the cloud in an hardened fault tolerant data center

9600 mm x 3400 mmx 3225 mm complete computing data center environment with 70kWh (242 u’s) of capacity and 40kWh of Azure Stack IoT Hub installed, congured and supported

The security of having your computing and data on premise in a hardened data center infrastructure with the advantages could services provide

Compute at Edge Content Management Solution by SmarterCity.Tech

  • Telecom tower sites can now become intelligent content providers and manage ONE copy of data with our Compute at Edge solution
  • Access a content delivery network that pushes content physically closer to users to improve performance. While such applications are widely distributed our solution allows you to manage them simultaneously.
  • Allows the most complex applications possible to be run at the edge
  • Industry leading security features reduces chances of data leaks. The unmatched speed at which the environment operates, combined with isolated sandboxing technology, reduces the risk of accidental data leakage. With a “burn-after-reading” approach to request memory, entire classes of vulnerabilities are
  • Instant scale, around the globe: Code is run around the world instead of a single region. This allows reduction in code execution latency and further optimize the performance

Azure Arc to Manage Microsoft cloud, AWS and Google cloud

For those who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multicloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure. Azure Arc is an advancement in hybrid computing, providing a set of technologies that unlocks new hybrid scenarios for customers by bringing Azure services and management to any infrastructure and across environments—from cloud to datacenter to edge, and enabling cloud security anywhere.


Module is designed to achieve re resistance EI 60 (Fire from the inside out). The equipped module’s dimensions are Module 9594 mm x 3400 mm x 3225 mm (LxWxH) and the module is constructed with single-door (Mechanical, Panic bar/Handle) entry. Dimensioned cooling units CRV25 provide in-row cooling technology. Cooling redundancy n +1 is achieved with 5 cli-mate units. Solution contains externally ush mounted, air cooled condenser unit, HCR33, with nominal capacity 33 kW


The enclosure is equipped with 7 pcs Miracel racks 600 mm x 1100 mm x 2000 mm (LxDxH) . Each rack contains 2 Monitored, 3 x 32 A PDUs (14 pcs total). All of the electrical equipment are dimensioned for site line voltage 400 V and site line frequency 50 Hz. Electrical toplogy n+1 is achieved with 1 x 90 kW + 30 kW modular UPS and with extra battery cabinets 1pcs. Conguration includes main distribution board (MDB), 1 pcs and Automatic transfer switch cabinet (ATSC) 1 pcs. The solution supports a backup time of 10 minutes at a 70 kW IT Load via batteries. Installation infrastructure-Unit IT comes with preinstalled cable tray for copper data cables, 4×4 ber optics channel with Single spillouts, module cable management system, dual busway system and hot/cold aisle separation with door.

40kWh or 4+ racks provide enterprise level Azure

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is an on-premises hybrid cloud platform for delivering infrastructure and platform as a service with a consistent Azure experience on-premises or in the public cloud. Innovate with cloud-native apps to digitally transform your business.

For use by:

  • Wireless Carriers who want solution on their network for interconnect, client smart city and edge data services
  • For companies and municipalities that want or require private on-premise data management
  • For smart city solution providers who have technologies that require high end edge computing
  • For tower companies and telecommunication equipment manufacturers who want deliver last mile computing services
  • For geographies where large data centers are not available

From the providers of the Nova CellTech solution for 5G small cell deployments

Designed for Carriers by the company that delivers the aesthetically best 5G Nova CellTech small cell smart pole with its 11x13x83 inch enclosure for as many as 12 devices .