Mantis imaging systems eliminate the limitations of traditional video setups that rely on multiple, mechanical PTZ cameras. Conventional single-lens cameras can record only what they are pointed at, missing crucial details and moments. With the Mantis, you record everything in the field of view. 100- megapixel video can be explored live and after it’s been stored. A week or month later, you can zoom in and review all the data. Aqueti technology combines several Mantis systems into a single ensemble, resulting in one logical camera capable of viewing an entire stadium or airport parking region.

  • 100 megapixels
  • 5-30fps
  • 15-600Mb/s (H.264, H.265); 2-7Gb/s (MJPEG)
  • ONVIF® Profiles S and G


QView is the primary interface for viewing interactive streams generated by the Aqueti Camera Ensemble. QView supports multiple users viewing and zooming video on independent monitors. In QView, you can zoom, pan, and tilt live video, or click the timeline to jump back to a point in the past, keeping the zoom, pan, and tilt capabilities.


The Pathfinder product is designed for narrow, linear installations such as freeways, railroad tracks, or runways. With QView or other VMS systems, the operator sees one unified digital stream of all six microcameras, with the ability to zoom in anywhere in the camera’s total field of view with equal clarity.

  • 48 megapixels
  • 5-30fps
  • 35° x 10° field of view
  • Minimum 60 pixels/foot from 60-500ft.
  • 6 lenses, 3 NVIDIA TX1 processors, 1 2.5” 4K CMOS sensor


QAdmin is the administrative interface of the Aqueti Camera Ensemble. It provides administrative level access to device settings, ensemble configuration, data flow management, and the ensemble state. Aqueti’s parallel supercameras evolved from two decades of optical, electronic and computational leaps in technology. Real-time interactive functionality allows you to dive into the smallest details with total clarity. The Aqueti system plays well with a range of display and storage platforms, promising limitless possibilities for array camera deployments – from smart city applications and public surveillance to globally-shared virtual experiences. An Aqueti “camera” is really a system of several microcameras and computers contained in an elegant and compact housing. Looking at the face of an Aqueti camera, you immediately notice something different from any traditional security camera you’ve ever seen.

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