Sound recognition at the edge for smart cities

A complete and reliable sound recognition solution to enhance the security of your community

DimOnOff’s CitySound is a unique smart city solution that listens to the ambient environment to collect, analyze and identify various sounds in a city. Sensors can be placed strategically in a given area and automatically detect an incident when it occurs. Easily integrable with your existing smart city system, or in SCMS Connect{ED}, this cost-effective solution will help reduce law enforcement incident response time and optimize their interventions.

Take sustainable measures for reducing crimes and incidents.

Typical applications

Glass breaking : Protect your commercial streets or your public buildings from thieves and riots.

Gunshots : Identify the category of the gun, whether it’s a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun or a machine gun, even the precise gun type in many cases, as well as the number of shots fired and their location.

Car crash : Identify a car crash when and where it happens, and improve response time and traffic management.

Other purpose : CitySound is a cost-effective and scalable solution that can be customized to detect specific noises according to your needs, such as noise coming from construction sites or music operating outside permitted hours.


  • Law enforcement
  • Campuses and public buildings
  • K to 12,
  • Street and public areas
  • Residential zones


  • Lowest acquisition and operation cost on the market by far, when compared to other systems.
  • Most reliable system on the market, not prone to human errors
  • No call center needed or remote staff on standby
  • Instant notification sent to authority
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Integration with video surveillance & intercom
  • Time required to acquire, analyze and recognize: 5 seconds on average
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